2020 Reflections

Wow, what a year this has been! As I sit to write my 2020 reflections late at night (when I write most of my blogs). The house is quiet and I’m able to actually think about the past year.

It has been a real year of ups and downs. As I’m sure it has for most of us.

Professionally it has been an amazing year. I have three lovely new clients. They came to me during the lockdowns whilst I was juggling homeschooling, creating my website and launching my new business. Personally there have been ups and downs as I talked about in my previous blog.

Business Achievements

I launched my website in July with the help of an amazing young man. He was really patient as I kept changing my mind about the way I wanted it to look. What I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. Thanks Josh!

I have learnt so much from each of my clients. The way they work. Their integrity, professionalism, and work ethic. I started out wanting to be a Virtual Assistant and didn’t really think I had a client niche. However the niche picked me and I’m so glad it did. Working on my website made me realise I love working for therapists and I love helping them with their private practices. I have something to offer and I am good at my job.

Personal Ups and Downs

Personally, I think we’ve all been through the ringer this year. Covid has affected us all either directly or indirectly. My husband started his new career as a personal trainer. He qualified in Dec 2019 and we were both so excited for this new year ahead. His first gym position began in March and two weeks later the gyms had to close. Unfortunately he had no clients and therefore couldn’t do anything online. I’ve been so proud of how he stepped up as a father and husband as my business took off. Cooking for me every night and taking over with the kids each afternoon so I could work.

2020 Reflections. Family is everything

Homeschooling was a challenge. Not gonna lie. I think the main challenge was balancing the schooling with work and also trying to have some fun as a family. The sunshine helped as well as having a garden. I realise we were in a privileged position in that regard.

I enjoyed spending the extra time with the kids and I also think they really benefited from it. My son learned how to ride his bike which was a huge thing for him. And my daughter learnt lots of new things by getting involved with the homeschooling. She’s 3 and great at division!   

Since being a VA I have always worked online. That’s the V part of a VA.

Blessing in Disguise

Since being a VA I have always worked online. That’s the V part of a VA. I actually really enjoy it. Creating my own schedule and communicating via email and project management systems. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by being home alone with no colleagues to talk to. I feel like I know my clients really well and have a good relationship with each of them.

In all honesty 2020 has been a blessing for me as it has meant there are a lot more therapists who are turning to online working. That’s where I can come in and offer assistance. Whether that be them working with me or just helping them with my blogs and Facebook Page.    


I’ve also done a lot of personal and professional growth and invested in myself. I’ve completed more training courses than I can count this year. After working in logistics and learning so much from my roles there I did really miss learning. I’m so grateful for online courses, podcasts, and YouTube. I’ve found so many inspirational people via these platforms.

I’m also working on expanding my business and my offering. It’s all a bit hush hush at the moment. As soon as I’m ready to share that with you, you’ll be the first to know.

That was a bit of insight into my world.

Next week I’ll be talking about my goals for 2021. It seems mad talking about a new year already. This has simultaneously been the longest and quickest year in history.

I’d love you to join my Facebook Page and connect with me on Linked In. I’ve already got loads planned for 2021 in terms of great content for therapists in private practice. Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran in Private Practice I’m sure they’ll be lots of great information for you.

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year! Lots of emphasis on the healthy!