What’s Stopping You Hiring a VA?

If you stumbled across this blog or my website you are probably already thinking about hiring some support but something is stopping you. I know there may be some trepidation around outsourcing and below are some of the reasons I know may be stopping you reaching out. Let me help alleviate some fears and reservations you may have.


Yes hiring a VA will cost you money. The average UK VA currently costs £27 an hour*. With the hours saved hiring a VA you can utilise those hours as working billable hours to make that money back. Or you could get your evenings and weekends back and that can be priceless!


Trust is definitely built over time. Anything that means someone else will be communicating with your clients, like appointment bookings or invoicing does require a high level of trust. This is where hiring the right VA comes in. Your VA will need to understand the need for professionalism and confidentiality and preferably has worked with patients / clients before.

You can also assist with this by having standard operating procedures for email communication. You can check out my quick how-to video on creating templates in Gmail for this. This way they’ll know all the procedures and it will limit the need for additional communication. You can also read my Google Workspace blog for an overview of all the features that can really benefit you when working with a VA.


It is important that your clients are aware that you are working with an assistant. Getting them to introduce themselves and ensuring your clients know exactly when to contact them is a must. You may also want to update your intake paperwork so clients are aware up front. Ensure that your VA is a member of the ICO and that they understand their and your GDPR responsibilities.

Time to Train

When you hire a VA there will need to be some of your time invested into the partnership. Everyone will run their Private Practice slightly differently. You may use online systems that your VA will need to familiarise themselves with. With that being said VA’s are naturally quick learners. They are used to working online and are highly organised. If you use one that has worked in Private Practice before they will understand a lot of the specifics already.

I don’t know what I can outsource

There will be loads you can outsource but to get you started I have written 8 Things you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant when you’re in Private Practice.

I’ve just started, I don’t think I need one

This is a great time to hire a VA…but the right one. If you are just starting out in private practice a VA can guide you to get your processes and procedures in place. Perhaps, before you even see your first client. They can help you set up the right systems and save you a lot of time and money.

  • E signature Platforms
  • Client Database
  • Client Management Systems
  • Diary System
  • Payment Systems
  • Practice Paperwork

If anything above has encouraged you to outsource please get in contact via the website www.virtuallyirreplaceable.co.uk or via email on [email protected] and we can discuss your requirements on a free discovery call.

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*As of July 2020